Chloe Jones Racing

Chloe is a young lady who is currently making waves in the British Super Bike Championship circuit.

We were approached by Chloe’s main sponsor to provide a portal for her to keep fans up to date with her performance and progress – It needed to be a simple but striking site and easy to manage.


We matched the feel & look of Chloe’s website to her racing logo, keeping true to the red, white and blue colour scheme and added in lots of action shots of Chloe racing. We also added in areas where Chloe could help promote her sponsors.

Chloe Jones Racing| Monowebdesign Worcester


Thankyou so much. It’s brilliant. I love it. I can't wait to start updating it with my race reports and new action shots! Thankyou!
Chloe Jones Racing| Monowebdesign Worcester
Chloe Jones
Rider - Chloe Jones Racing
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