Getting  Started

It’s not just a case of making you a website – we want a website that gives you results and for that to happen we need a commitment from you.

To ensure we are a good fit and we can work together we have to be selective about the projects we can take on. Here are a few of the requirements that we look for before starting a project.



No, we aren’t looking for a new love! but if you’re not passionate about your project then how can we be expected to be?

Passion to suceed is a must!


If you don’t have the time to devote to your project then it’s just not going to be a great outcome. We realise you are busy and we don’t expect you to be on the phone 24/7 to us but we work to timescales and need your attention to get things done.


During the discovery phase of your project we will ask about your goals for the business. If you don’t have defined goals then we can’t help you formulate a plan to make you a kick ass website can we?

Goals are how we measure success – Go get some!


If you are looking for us to develop the next Netflix for you with a budget of £500 then it’s just not going to happen..

We’re not the most expensive out there nor are we the cheapest but a realistic budget for your expected result is a must. You would’t go shopping for a Rolls Royce with the budget for a clapped out banger would you?

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